Kiddions Mod Menu is very popular among GTA 5 players. This modest menu is one of the best mod menus out there in my opinion. Super safe, reliable, completely free, and user-friendly Kiddions Mod menu takes up the rank in contrast to every other mod menus in the market. Yet of course as using any cheat would, it is normal to run into issues while playing and it might not work properly.

“Kiddions Mod Menu Not Working!” This is definitely an error you might have run into if you have firsthand experience using Kiddions. Now when this happens most people freak out and think it is kind of a Virus attack or that their PC is in danger! Now, calm down is all we have to say to you. First of all, This is NOT a virus, and NO your PC is all safe and there is nothing wrong with it. Thirdly, This is very common and almost everyone encounters this issue while playing GTA V with Kiddions Mod Menu.


So, Why does this happen? As you might be aware, Rockstar constantly updates GTA V. Whether this is adding a new business or a new vehicle to the game, they play around with the code and add new DLCs to the game. So when updates happen it takes some time for these mod menus or cheats to catch up to them. Kiddions Mod Menu is constantly updating and keeping up with GTA updates. In my experience, the developers behind Kiddions Mod Menu usually take about 1 to 2 weeks to update for the newest version. So the next time Kiddions Mod menu is not working? Well, take a chill pill and enjoy the new game. Regardless of it taking some time, Kiddion Mod Menu is on top of their game and the team keeps everything updated as soon as possible.

Another one of the common issues people come across is the Menu being not available for access. As you might be aware, or maybe not, the Kiddions mod menu has a very nice UI interface and a script library for everyone’s access. Sometimes we have trouble accessing this menu. When this happens you need to go to settings -> graphics under this tab choose ‘Windowed Borderless’ and this will fix the issue.

Another one that you might come across is when Kiddion Mod Menu starts Lagging. Oh, we very much hate it when this happens! And of course, know the pain when it starts lagging. No worries, next time this happens just go to Task Manager -> Detail app, and under this tab choose the Mod Priority feature and set it to High.

Risk of getting banned for usage

Kiddions holds its reputation for being a very safe Mod menu. But as always using cheats comes with risks. It’s undetectable against the anti-cheat systems of GTA V, but The actions you do with it might raise suspicion. If you keep loading your bank accounts or just keep messing with other players the developers and anti-cheat systems take notice. Then you run the risk of getting banned. So while using Kiddions Mod Menu you always need to be careful and responsible. That way you can avoid getting banned and enjoy this awesome cheat! Kiddions Mod Menu is so worthwhile and Awesome regardless of all these issues. What you should know is there are so many ways you can get help for these issues. You can join their discord channel to seek quick solutions. Join the community and clarify things. Hope you guys have an awesome gameplay with Kiddions!

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