GTA 6 release date

GTA 6 easily takes the crown for being the most anticipated games of the community for sure.
The original creators of GTA, Rockstar games is known for their secrecy and keeping
information tight knitted till the last moment. After their initial GTA 6 announcement confirming
‘GTA 6 is indeed underway’ in 2022 February. Rockstar games was quiet for a long time other
than addressing the unethical data leak of GTA 6 on September 2022. They finally have given
an official heads up of the release date. Mark your calendars, for GTA 6 might just be in your
PS5 in 2025!

“Although we don’t disclose specific release dates, we have a strong slate planned for fiscal
’25” -Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take two Interactive in his latest interview on CNBC.
Although Rockstar Entertainment has a reputation to avoid big gaming shows which would
require them to disclose their future plans with media, Gamescom 2023, might be an
exception. As you know, Gamescom being one of the biggest video gaming showcase in the
world, perhaps this time Rockstar entertainment will make a surprise like they did for GTA 4.


Rockstar games is carefully watched by fans around the world for GTA 6 release. Exciting
news bring forth, GTA 6 will have it’s very first female lead who isn’t a NPC. The leaked videos
and screenshots from the early development stages of GTA 6 showcases a Modern setting of
GTA in Vice city. Which appeared in GTA 3 and was recognized by dear fans immediately.
Vice city is Miami of GTA. Featuring all the glory and night life of Miami in this fictious world.
It’s main character Jason, entering the city metro has kindled a fire in fans hearts expecting to
see their beloved Vice City in new shapes. The Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, The Vice
beach, Little Haiti all these places in the 80’s and how they will be reshaped and included in
the modern era. However it is most probable that Vice city is not the only place GTA 6 will be
limited to. The map this time will be an evolving map. Where players unlock new cities and
parts of the map as they play. Which is very exciting news for the fans!
The evolving map seems to resemble the map in Fortnight. Which means GTA 6 will update
it’s map with seasons.


It is rumored that GTA 6 will cast it’s main characters inspired from the famous American
criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde. Named Jason and Lucia. Lucia has become an icon of GTA
fans already. This will be the first time Rockstar games feature a female main protagonist. So
far it has received a lot of positive feedback. You can see the great enthusiasm by how fans
have even created mods which feature their own versions of Lucia.


The evolving map hints GTA 6 will heavily narrated with a storyline. Though it is unclear and
very hard to assume, rumors suggest Jason and Lucia will be building a drug empire and the
game will closely follow this.

New Upgrades

As the setting gets modern of course it is expected to upgrade the other aspects of games in
new shape too. The Vice City Metro is observed to take characters through the city to new
mission places. The cars in GTA 6 comes with modern technology and more custom effects.
Even the seat height, steering wheel adjustments and so forth are available for the players.
The weapons are obviously designed to elevate the level of danger and damage. There are
new items added to the game as well. Like painkillers, USB drives, lockpicks which sparks an
interest on where in GTA 6 we will be using them.

The characters also have so many features upgraded. Better defence mechanisms, More
actions and highlighting features seem to be incorporated. One of the leaked footage back
from 2022 shows Jason using a Night vision to scan objects in a Supermarket, similar to
Redeye in Red Dead Redemption. Crouching, crawling and even hiding their faces seem to
add to the hype cause the actions make the characters seem so agile naturally. Jason and
Lucia and even the other non-player characters have smooth movements. The gun shoots
and combat sessions seem better than GTA V. Of course it is clear there is so much more to


As the GTA 6 releasing date gets closer, and closer. Fans are waiting for a trailer to be
released anytime soon. Some users even argue whether GTA 6 trailer would break the record
of the most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours. Though that might sound a little bit of a
stretch who knows, It is the biggest anticipated release of the gaming community after all!
Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick, quotes they expect around 8 billion USD worth pre orders
when GTA 6 is finally available.

GTA has come a long way since it’s very first release in 1997 to being the biggest action
oriented mafia game in the present. It has been a long time since the last version, GTA 5 was
released, and the crowd is becoming a little impatient.

Though an early launch in latter parts of 2024 also seems possible, 2025 is the banner year
for GTA 6.
However the rumors are, We do not know what Rockstar Entertainment has up in its sleeve.
When they finally drop the slightest official teaser the internet will blow up for sure!

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