Reasons Why You Should Play GTA V

GTA V: Los Santos; If you are a gamer, chances are near zero you don’t know about GTA. The most
successful game in the series by Rockstar entertainment. Simply, a great game packed with action,
cars, weapons, combat anything you can ask for. Now Here’s why you definitely need to play GTA V if
you haven’t already!

1. Insane Storyline

Now honestly, in my opinion what sets GTA apart from other games is its powerful story telling. Set in
Los Santos, fictional version of Los Angeles; the story of GTA V follows 3 men with difficult backgrounds
in the criminal world. The gripping story of how these 3 get together to form an alliance and fight
against the brutal mafia world, and the dark side of the entertainment industry backed by the
American government. I found myself obsessed with the story and how it progresses with every
mission we complete with the game. The storyline of GTA V is after all said to be the best of the series,
and you will be sucked into the world of Los Santos immediately.

2. Multiple POVs

One of the unique and interesting aspects I find on GTA V is how we can switch players. They each
have different lives. When you choose the characters, the map will zoom into completely a different
part of Los Santos and drop you in on their lives. May it be on Michael’s house with his dysfunctional
family or when Franklin is yelling his lungs out at his Ex-Girlfriend, Or you might drop in when Trevor
is getting wasted at the beach. The missions we choose vary with the characters and it gives you a
huge range to discover and explore of Los Santos. You definitely need to play GTA V to experience this
amazing feature or to play multi player with your fellow gamers!

3. The Map!

Yes! This is THE best part of GTA V. It’s not just a Map. Los Santos is a world! It extends and covers so
many areas. It gives great depth and so many places to explore, and play your missions. I was very
excited with how much of great detail was put into the map of Los Santos. You could be on your way
for a mission or fulfilling one, you can see people hiking, shopping and go about their daily life. The
atmosphere, the vibe, even the “feeling” of the map changes with places. It is absolutely a great real
life depiction of Los Angelos. You are introduced to the city in the most natural way and welcome to
explore as much as you like and the way you love to!

4. You Rule!

Here is the great aspect of GTA right, It is an Open World Game. The days where they handover a
mission and you finish it. Take some random car given to you and shoot whom they ask you to. Those
days are far behind. What I just love about GTA V is how much of freedom it gives to choose my own
missions, I can literally do anything. GTA V combined with it’s great map and ability to play as 3 players
at the same time just expands that option. I don’t always have to drive a car, I can just go paragliding
on a mission instead. Use roads or places as I would prefer. It is your world. You rule!

5. Technology is Smooth

GTA V has so much to offer. It’s smooth gaming system with the best action combat and shooting is
extraordinary! There is a cover mechanic and a decent shooting system for aiming and be destructive
as much as possible. The fights are brutal and violent. So does the graphic system deliver to it. Rockstar North has pulled so much effort to it’s graphics and sound system. It feels so real with their cutting
edge technology used. The Game system is ultra-smooth and delivers the best!

6. A Parody of Modern Society

Now as a gamer, If I was asked of what the theme is of the game I am playing, I would say “Mafia”
“Guns and Fights” or something along that line. Yet, it can’t be ignored GTA V is a modern parody of
the American society, The reality of capitalism. The 3 main characters are symbols. Their backgrounds
and stories have so much depth embed to them. For example, Michael. His family is corrupted by the
harsh reality of modernism, his children, are addicted to gaming, and drugs, prostitutes. On the
background you can see Top American companies having protests and the organisations going
mayhem. It even touches the boundaries of religious indifferences lying in the modern society. One
cannot simply ignore Rockstar has not just created a game, but it is in fact a parody of the modern
post economic crisis of America. You must play GTA V cause it is not just a game, It is modern

8. Modding

Now, though GTA V alone is a superb. Modding is allowed with their single user games. There are
countless mods available for GTA V. Rockstar bands players from using mods on their Online games.
However in your own PCs you are welcome to try any mod as you wish. There are countless mods
available to modify the clothes of your character, To replace the skin, To modify the cars, or even add
your vehicles of own. Mods are a fun way to play the game in your unique way, it is up to you to decide
whether you like it or hate it. However GTA V has a large modding community around it.

GTA V is overall an amazing game. So far the best selling game of Rockstar entertainment. Though it
has been long since GTA V was released it is still the most popular game in the internet. And GTA 6 is also on the way to make the history of video games. This article might not do justice to the game, unless you yourself play it! So why wait?

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