Kiddions mod Menu is very popular for its free and safe features. It allows you to spawn vehicles, earn more money, and pull off cheats and tricks undetected. Pretty much Kiddions Mod Menu is one of the best Free Mod menus out there! However, if you were looking for an alternative from Kiddions. You have come to the right place. Here are our top suggestions to try out as an alternative for Kiddions!

1. Menyoo Mod Menu

The first one on the list is Menyoo Mod Menu. This mod menu is also pretty popular among gamers. Menyoo Mod Menu brings cool features to the game. There is a huge list of cars that you can spawn with it. These cars can be customized and add features with Menyoo. Menyoo also allows you to change the weather etc. These are just a few additional features it brings to the game.

Menyoo is a GUI Mod Trainer, and it is exclusively a single-player trainer. Menyoo Mod Menu also handles saved mods. However, there is a limit of 12 mods that can be saved, unlike Kiddions. Menyoo also allows multiple mods to be loaded at the same time. You can only use the Menyoo Mod Menu while playing Online. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t yet developed a version that supports offline games. Menyoo Mod Menu is pretty versatile and it’s also completely free! According to users, Menyoo is also safe. It pretty much has a name for being a safe and reliable mod trainer which is easy to use. So if you are looking for a Kiddions alternative Menyoo is worth considering!

2. Essential Mod Menu

Next up on Mod Menu alternatives is Essential Mod Menu. Now unlike the Menyoo Mod Menu, this one works offline. It’s secure and manages multiple mods however it is not safe to play with Essential Mod Menu Online. In addition to playing with multiple mods, With Essential Mod menu you can spawn any vehicle you like. You can add more weapons to the inventory with this mod menu. There are more cool features. The best feature of Essential Mod Menu in our opinion is its Mult- Player option! This is definitely a huge plus point for Essential Mod Menu. It uses hotkeys. The Menu is where the saved mods show up and you can go through them using the numpad.

Essential Mod Menu works fine, However, if you run into any issues it would probably be due to the mods. So make sure to remove the mods that bring the issue and try again. All in all Essential Mod Menu is another cool mod menu out there, which is free and easy to use!

3. QF Mod Menu

QF Mod Menu is something you could try if you want a bit of mischievous fun. This Mod Menu of course supports mods. What highlights this Mod Menu are the features. For example, They have ‘Clumsy Mod’ Where your character becomes all messy and you have to watch your steps down the sidewalk. There is a Drunk Mode where your character becomes all drunk and tipsy as well. Likewise, there are fun features like Dance Party, Anger Mode, and Camera Filters. Yes, you get a Free camera even. Something that caught our eye here is you can spawn NPCs here. You can select a pedestrian and follow them with Auto-Follow. Or with the Companion mode, you can spawn a NPC to be your companion.

QF Mod Menu fully supports the controller and the keyboard. QF Mod Menu is fun, in a different way. So if you want to try out new, have fun while exploring new things QF Mod Menu is the way to go!

These are our top recommendations for Kiddions alternatives. Whether you choose Menyoo, Essential, or QF all of them handle mods. It just depends on the mode you play GTA V, whether it’s online or offline, single-player or with your friends! Whichever you choose we assure you all of them are pretty Safe, Completely Free, and Loads of Fun!

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