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Same as every other video game out there, GTA 5 also has its mods. These unofficial modifications can improve your GTA 5 experience in various ways. Some people call user modifications for these fabulous mods. Among these mods for GTA 5, the Kiddion's mod menu (GTA 5 Mod Menu) can be considered as one of the best mod menus that can enhance the game. And also it is widely accepted as a safe mod menu by many GTA players. Kiddions Mod Menu is surely the most popular mod menu for GTA 5 and it is functioning properly and undetected.

This amazing mod menu was developed by Kiddon. This mod menu also supports hotkeys which may give extra convenience for its users. And there are so many more features coming in. This is a totally free mod that you can enjoy without licenses in 2024. You can get the latest version of the mod menu which is v 1.0.0 on our website without any hesitation. And also you will find instructions below on how to install it correctly. There are many new features on the latest version of Kiddion's mod menu like Spawn Options, Recovery, Money, RP, etc.

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Kiddions mod menu Highlights

Base Game - GTA
Version - v1.0.0
Size - 16.8MB
Last Update On - July 14, 2024
Hotkeys - Supports
License - No license required(Free)
Status -
Mod date - December 29, 2023
Downloads - 4 992 221
Developer - Kiddion

Download GTA 5 Mod Menu Now!

You can simply download the mod menu with the button below. just click the button below and download!!



How to get going with Kiddions mod menu?

If you are confused and don't know how to install, here are instructions

1. Download the Kiddions mod menu
2. Didn't download? try downloading the file after disabling your antivirus temporarily.
3. Launch GTA 5
4. Now run the mod
5. Click OK


Is kiddions mod menu safe?

Yes, GTA 5 Mod Menu is 100% safe and secure to download and install on your PC in 2024. It was developed by Kiddion. It is widely accepted as a safe mod among many other GTA 5 players.

Why does my browser block it when I try to download it?

Well, not all browsers may flag it as a virus, but some will flag it as a virus due to the nature of mods. Normally, Those Antivirus companies would not make these types of software safe unless the publisher pays a huge amount of money to them.

Is the mod undetectable?

So far it has been undetectable on GTA 5, therefore you can enjoy the Kiddions mod menu without having second thoughts.

Can I get reported by other players?

Yes, there is a possibility if you are using god mode and teleport function around the players.

Will kiddions mod menu be available for GTA 6?

We cannot confrim that right now. Hopefully it will be avialble for GTA 6. Meanwhile you can download other mods from GTA 6 Modding

What is Monke mod manager?

Well, the Monke mod manager is a mod manager for the game, Gorilla Tag.

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